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R&B / Pop Audition Tracks
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No Performer's Name Send me a comment on my track Date Submitted Track Name Play tracks Rating
(1 low to 5 high)
6 coreyt @water2winepro.com 7/14/05 Tell Me PLAY TRACK
Blue Francois
Pic & Bio
7 coreyt @water2winepro.com 7/14/05 Hush My Lady PLAY TRACK
Blue Francois
Pic & Bio
8 NA 7/17/05 Somethin' Special PLAY TRACK
Pic & Bio

Babychica344 @aol.com

8/3/05 Find Another Way PLAY TRACK
Pic & Bio
10 beats3601@hotmail.com 1021/05
Uptempo Pop Instrumental
Silent Money Produktionz
Pic & Bio
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