Name Jermaine Mcbean
Stage Name Young G
Age 20
Ultimate goal To Best The Bestthing ever Hold a MIC
Most Admired Artist Bounty Killer
Favorite Song "Copper Shot"
Years rapping 2
Name of track 1
Residence Brooklyn, Ny

Possessing uncommon versatility and witty lyrical bravado Young G definitely brings a new sensation to the genre of dancehall reggae music. The Old Harbor Burke road representative has emerged as force to be reckoned with, producing a slew of catchy, attention grabbing next generation dancehall music that has dancehall fans and Industry representative paying close attention to the path that this lyrical genius is undertaking, with tunes like “Come from Yard” and the “New Sensation” buzzing through the street via New York radio stations 104.7fm and 93.5fm Jermaine Mcbean AKA Young G is the future of dancehall music with his stern work ethic and adaptability.

Young G spews songs of the highest quality on a daily basis and has used his live performances to captivate audiences in New York’s famous hot spots Club Speed and Remote lounge and other performances at venues both local and abroad are proving Young G to be the real deal. Dancehall icons such as Beenie Man, Bounti Kill! a and Vybez Kartel all have heard and appreciate the work of Young G and his raw attitude and with his overwhelming confidence and charm. Young G has developed both a male and female fan base, G is now ready and poised to break the mould and produce a new waved or even better yet a New Sensation.!!!!