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Track Audition
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Need Rap, R&B,  Dancehall, and Slow Jam Tracks








1 - Review Terms of Service.

2 - Complete application and agree to these rules and Terms of Service.

3 - Submit your track(s) to be auditioned. Tracks can be instrumental and have lyrics.  Keep your tracks to approximately 3-4 minutes. Please send tracks in MP3 or WMA formats.  Do not send tracks in WAV format.

4 - Send picture (optional) to be posted.  Send pictures in JPEG formal only.

5 - The visiting public will rate your track from 1 (low) to 5 (high). 

6 - Receive comments from the public via e-mail.

Note - If you are concerned your material may be copied for profit, be sure to copyright it first!


Complete registration & send tracks & picture

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