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Music Journals and Magazines, Newspapers and Periodicals


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  1. 1/1, the Journal of The Just Intonation Network (Journal Info., Title and Author Index)

  2. 19th-Century Music (Journal Info., Table of Contents, Abstracts)

  3. 6 Cuerdas: Revista Latinoamericana de Guitarra

  4. 78 Quarterly (Subscription Info.)


  5. The Absolute Sound: The High End Journal of Audio and Music (Journal Info., Index to Past Reviews)

  6. Access Magazine Online

  7. Access to the Music Zone (AMZ) (Vol 1 No 1, 11/96- )

  8. Acoustic Guitar Magazine (Magazine Info., Indexes: Table of Contents, Songs, Manufacturer Index)

  9. Acoustical Society of America (Abstracts from recent ASA meetings) (1992-1997)

  10. Addicted to Noise: a totally complete on-line rock magazine (Issue 1.1 Dec. 1994- )

  11. Amazing Sounds (Since November 2, 1996, an e-zine devoted to electronic music, Ambient, New Instrumental Music, World Music, Electroacoustic, New Age, and other alternative genres. Includes brief biographical articles on artists, reviews, articles or interviews (features), small notes, and links to other information sources in internet, as well as record labels and other firms related to these kinds of musics, together with lists of printed fanzines, radio and TV programmes, and fan clubs. English and Spanish)

  12. American Lutherie Magazine (Magazine Info., Table of Contents since Issue #1 1998)

  13. American Songwriter Magazine (Magazine Info.)

  14. AMG: All-Movie Guide

  15. AMG: All-Music Guide (in-depth reviews, feature articles, restrospectives, and news items on all kinds of music, from easy listening and jazz to noise rock and hip-hop)

  16. Art and Culture MUSIC

  17. ArtZero -- L'e-zine musical

  18. ASCAP PlayBack Magazine -- the Society's bimonthly magazine (news on ASCAP)

  19. Atlantic Unbound / Atlantic Monthly: Arts & Culture

  20. Audio Video Magazine

  21. Audioreview -- Internet edition (Italian)

  22. Autoharp Quarterly (Subscription inf., table of contents)

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  23. Banjo Newsletter (Newsletter info., Table of Contents, Tablature index)

  24. Bass Frontiers Online (Journal Info., Table of Contents)

  25. BBC Music Magazine (Music Reviews and more)

  26. Beethoven Journal (Journal Info., Table of Contents)

  27. Billboard Online

  28. Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine (Magazine Info., Table of Contents)

  29. Blues Access: The Distinctive Blues Magazine Online (Magazine Info.)

  30. Blues&Soul Magazine (Magazine info.)

  31. Music World Magazine from BMI

  32. Boston Clavichord Society Newsletter (Subscription info., Table of Contents)

  33. Boston Phoenix

  34. The Bottom Line: an electronic digest devoted to bassists

  35. Brass Band World: An Independent Monthly Magazine for Bands

  36. Brass Quarterly ?

  37. British Harry Partch Society Newsletter

  38. British Journal of Ethnomusicology (Journal Info., Table of Contents)

  39. British Journal of Music Education (Journal Info., Table of Contents)

  40. Bulletin of Italian Ethnomusicology ?

  41. The Buzz Magazine -- New Australian Music Listing

  42. Buzzine.com -- Music and Entertainment News


  43. The Call Project -- Collection of essays concerning art, music, and literature

  44. Canadian Folk Music Journal = Revue de musique folklorique canadienne (information)

  45. Canadian Music Periodical Index

  46. Canadian Musician Magazine (Subscription Info., Table of Contents)

  47. Canadian Music Trade Magazine -- Canada's Magazine for Musical Instrument Retailers

  48. Canadian University Music Review = Revue de musique des universit? canadiennes (Table of Contents)

  49. Catgut Acoustical Society Journal (mission: to increase and diffuse the knowledge of musical acoustics and to promote the construction of fine stringed instruments) (Journal Info., Table of Contents, Author index)

  50. CCM Magazine (Christian Music)

  51. Celebrare Cantando (Music & Litrugy) (Italian)

  52. Celebrity Cafe -- Online Entertainment Magazine

  53. Chamber Music Magazine / Chamber Music America (Table of Contents)

  54. Chaos Control Digizine

  55. Chrestologia / Antique Sound Workshop, Ltd. (source for historical musical instruments) (Table of Contents)

  56. Classic CD -- Your Complete Online Guide to Classical Music (Journal info., Table of Contents, sections: instrument guides, composer index, tune finder, musical examples, artists information, and more)

  57. Classics@Cosmik / Cosmik Debris Magazine

  58. CLASSICA -- Classical Music News and Links in Japan

  59. Classical Music CD Catalogs--ftp

  60. Clavichord International (Magazine Info., Table of Contents)

  61. CMJ Online: new music first

  62. College Music Society Newsletter (Current issue online)

  63. Computer Music Journal (Serving the Electroacoustic Music and Digital Audio Community) more info. (Selected articles online, Table of Contents)

  64. Contemporary Music Review (Journal Info.)

  65. Contemporary Sound Arts: Essays in Sound

  66. Choreography and Dance -- An International Journal (Journal Info.)

  67. Country Connection Web Magazine

  68. Country Standard Time

  69. Creative Keyboard / Mel Bay's Web Magazine

  70. Critical Musicology Journal (Table of Contents)

  71. CultureFinder.com: Guide to Classical and Opera

  72. Current Musicology (covers historical musicology, ethnomusicology, and music theory, and more) -- (Journal Info., Table of Contents, Abstracts)

  73. Cyber-Drum Ezine for Drummers and Percussionists

  74. Cybergrass: The Internet Bluegrass Music Magazine

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  75. DallasMusic.Com -- Weekly Music Magazine

  76. Dance Magazine (Subscription info., Recent Table of Contents)

  77. D?ibels (French) (Montr?l, Qu?ec)

  78. The Diapason: Official Journal of the International Society for Organ History and Preservation (Journa Info.)

  79. Digimag -- The Digital Online Music Magazine

  80. Dirty Linen -- Magazine of Folk and World Music (Subscription Info., Table of Contents, selected articles, excerpts)

  81. DiSCORDER/CiTR campus magazine/radio on-line (8/1995- )

  82. Donemus Info -- Musical Life in the Netherlands

  83. DOS Orchestra / International Conference of Symphony and Opera Musicians

  84. DownBeat.com

  85. Dreampop

  86. DSCH Journal -- Dmitri Dmitrievich Shostakovich (Journal Info., Table of Contents, full text extracts)

  87. Dub Missive Magazine (Magazine Info.)

  88. Dutch Journal of Music Theory / Tijdschrift voor Muziektheorie

  89. Dutch Journal for Musicology: Muziek en Wetenschap (Journal Info. Table of Contents)


  90. E! Online

  91. E-Discographer (discographic information exchange)

  92. Early Keyboard Journal -- (Journal Info., Table of Contents)

  93. Early Music America -- historical performance in North America (Journal info., Table of Contents)

  94. Early Music Journal (Journal Info., Table of Contents)

  95. Early Music Review (Journal info.)

  96. ECHO: a music-centered journal

  97. eContact! -- Journal of the Canadian Electroacoustic Community (CEC)

  98. Electronic Musician Online

  99. Emmy Magazine / Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (Subscription Info.)

  100. Encyclopedia of Record Producers/Popular Music Database / Mojave Music, Inc.

  101. Entertainment Magazine

  102. Entertainment Tonight Online (music reviews)

  103. Entertainment Weekly Online (music reviews)

  104. EST Magazine (Full text, Table of Contents, Indexes, underground music)

  105. Ethnomusicology Online (Peer-reviewed multimedia Web journal, since 1995)

  106. Ethnomusicology Research Digest

  107. EUR -- The Electronic Urban Report ?

  108. European Music Journal -- The publishers aim is to make use of the possibilities offered by the Internet for creating a forum for the field of teaching music within this medium

  109. Expos?/a>: Exploring the Boundaries of Rock (Table of Contents, Selected Full Text)


  110. FanFaire -- the webzine that celebrates music

  111. Festival Focus Magazine -- UK Music Festivals ?

  112. Film Music Magazine

  113. Film Score Monthly / Compiled by Lukas Kendall

  114. Firstlook.com

  115. Flamenco world.com: Spain, flamenco magazine

  116. Flatpicking Guitar Magazine Online (Magazine info., Table of Contents, Tab index)

  117. The Fly: DopeMusic Magazine

  118. Flying Inkpot: Classical Music Reviews

  119. Folk Alliance Newsletters / North American Folk Music and Dance Alliance

  120. Folk Harp Journal (Index)

  121. Folk_Music Digest ?

  122. Folk Roots: froots (Magazine Info., Tables of Contents, roots, folk and world music)

  123. FolkWolrd Online Magazine -- Home of European Music

  124. Fontes Artis Musicae -- The journal of the International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres [IAML] (Journal Info., Table of Contents)

  125. ThE FrAcTuReD MiRrOr ?

  126. Fuoribattuta (Italian Music Magazine)

  127. FUSED (A London-based Music Magazine)

  128. FutureNet Magazines: Music Division (subscription info., content info. for their magazines) (Some titles: Bassist, Classic CD, Computer Music, Future Music, Guitar Techniques, Guitarist, Music of the Millennium, Rhythm, The Mix, Total Guitar, XFade)

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  129. Galpin Society Journal (Table of Contents)

  130. Gavin (Country, Jazz, Rock, and more)

  131. Gig Magazine Online (Magazine info., Searchable Archives Index)

  132. Goldmine Magazine (marketplace for collectible records, CDs, and music memorabilia covering rock & roll, blues, country, folk, and jazz. In addition to the buy and sell opportunities, Goldmine presents extensive articles and interviews on recording stars past and present accompanied by discographies listing all known releases. The calendar section lists record shows scheduled for your area) (Magazine info., sample articles)

  133. Gramophone -- Classical Music Magazine (Magazine info.,

  134. Grand Royal Magazine

  135. Guitar and Lute Issues -- The on-line magazine of Editions Orph?

  136. Guitar Sessions / Mel Bay's Web Magazine

  137. HARPA -- Harp Journal (Journal Info., Table of Contents)

  138. The Harp Therapy Journal (Journal Info., Table of Contents, Selective Full Text)

  139. The Hip Rhythm Digest

  140. Historical Brass Society Journal (Journal Info., Table of Contents, Abstracts)

  141. Historical Brass Society Newsletter (Newsletter Info., Table of Contents, Abstracts)

  142. Hollow Ear: The magazine of music, images and words

  143. HYPE Electrazine


  144. Iberian Discoveries (intends to offer a platform for those scholars working on Iberian or Latin-American music)

  145. iBluegrass Magazine

  146. iCulture: CBC Entertainment

  147. ImprovisAsians Online!: The Newsletter of Asian American Creative Music ?

  148. iMpulse Music Journal (Subscription info.)

  149. iMusic

  150. In Music & Media: A New Weekly Australasian Music Business EZINE

  151. IN-SYNC -- The Musician's Magazine

  152. Indiana Theory Review (Journal Info., Table of Contents)

  153. Ink Blot Magazine (rock, dance, jazz, and more)

  154. innerart.bits -- performance.space: Dance and theatre, between and beyond

  155. Instant Magazine (Boston, MA)

  156. International Early Music Review

  157. International Journal of Arts Medicine (Journal Info., Table of Contents)

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  158. Jazz Guitar ONLINE

  159. Jazz Online

  160. Jazz Review.com

  161. Jazzchord (Electronic newsletter about Australian jazz & jazz in general)

  162. Jelly Music Magazine

  163. Le Journal du Conservatoire de Paris (10/95- )

  164. Journal of Music Teacher Education (Table of Contents)

  165. Journal of Music Theory (JMT) (Journal Info., Table of Contents, Author Index)

  166. Journal of Music Theory Pedagogy (Journal Info., Table of Contents)

  167. Journal of Musicological Research (Journal Info.)

  168. Journal of Musicology (Journal Info., Table of Contents, Abstracts)

  169. Journal of New Music Research: Electronic Appendix (contains sound examples that have been mentioned in articles of the Journal of New Music Research)

  170. Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music / Society for Seventeenth-Century Music (Vol 1/No 1, 1995- )

  171. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (Journal Info.)

  172. Journal of the American Musical Instrument Society (Journal Info., Summary Index of articles (1975-1994))

  173. Journal of the Arnold Schoenberg Institute (Journal Info., Table of Contents)

  174. The Journal of the International Double Reed Society (Table of contents, Index)

  175. Journal of the Viola da Gamba Society of America (Journal Info., Table of Contents)

  176. Journals from Cambridge University Press (Early Music History, Organised Sound, Plainsong and Medieval Music, Popular Music, Cambridge Opera Journal) (Journal Info.)

  177. Just Jazz Guitar Magazine (Magazine Info.)


  178. Keyboard Magazine

  179. La Factoria del Ritmo (first Spanish Internet 'zine)

  180. LaMusica.com/Latin Music On-Line

  181. 'La'Ritmo.com : Latin Music Magazine

  182. Latin American Music Review -- University of Texas Press (Journal Info., Table of Contents)

  183. The Leonardo Music Journal (LMJ) (Journal Info., Table of Contents)

  184. The Leonardo Music Journal (LMJ) (Journal Info., Table of Contents)

  185. Living Blues -- Blues Music Magazine by the Center for the Study of Southern Culture (Journal Info., Table of Contents)

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  186. Mandozine (On-line magazine for mandolin players)

  187. Mechanical Music Digest (MMD) (a moderated forum, published daily on the Internet and distributed primarily by e-mail)

  188. The Medieval Review (1993- )

  189. MetroActive: Music (California News)

  190. Mi2N -- Music Industry News Network

  191. Mikropolyphonie: The Online Contemporary Music Journal

  192. Min-ad: Israel Studies in Musicology Online

  193. MIX Magazine Online -- Journal for audio professionals

  194. The Mix (UK's recording magazine) (Journal Info.)

  195. Modern Drummer Online

  196. MPA Press -- Newsletter of the Music Publishers' Association of the United States (devoted to issues of copyright and the current state of music publishing)

  197. Mr. Showbiz -- A world of entertainment from ABC News.com

  198. MSN Entertainment Channel (Microsoft)

  199. MTV Online -- Music

  200. !MuCoMo!/L.A. Live

  201. Mudcat Cafe: a magazine dedicated to blues and folk music

  202. The Multimedia Journal of New Music / Alternate Music Press

  203. Muse Magazine: The Journal of Women in Music

  204. Music Analysis (Journal Info., Table of Contents, subscription info.)

  205. Music & Anthropology (M&A)

  206. Music & Computers (Journal Info., Table of Contents)

  207. Music City News (country music)

  208. Music Connection Magazine -- serving the music industry since 1977

  209. Music Education Resource Base : including the Canadian Music Index -- (MERB/CMI) "a bibliographic database of more than 28,000 resources in music and music education from 31 Canadian and International journals and other sources covering the period 1956 through the present. The journals are fully indexed by title, author, and subject"

  210. Music For the Love of It (Subscription Info.)

  211. Music from the Movies -- MovieScore database

  212. The Music Monitor / by The Record Exchange

  213. Music Perception (Journal Info., Table of Contents, Abstracts)

  214. Music Row Magazine -- Nashville's Music Industry Publication (Magazine Info.)

  215. Music Theory Online (MTO) -- The Online Journal of the Society for Music Theory (Indexes)

  216. Music Theory Spectrum -- Society for Music Theory (Journal Info., Table of Contents, Abstracts)

  217. Music Universe -- TheRocket, BAM Magazine

  218. La musica Inrete: Pop Magazine

  219. Musicae Scientiae -- the Journal of the European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music

  220. Musical Act Magazine (Israel Leading Audio & Music Magazine)

  221. Musical Performance -- An International Journal (Journal Info.)

  222. MusicDish -- Music Industry Magazine

  223. MusiciansNet: On-line Musicians Magazines (guitars, synths, MIDI, samplers, brass, drums)

  224. MusicTech -- Online Magazine

  225. Muziek en Wetenschap: Dutch Journal for Musicology

  226. Muzikus

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  227. N D Magazine

  228. Nadine: The magazine that wishes it were a band

  229. NASH (e-magazine covering all forms of American Roots music) ?

  230. Netx Music (Australia)

  231. New Age Voice: The New Age Music Industry's Official Trade Magazine (Magazine Info.)

  232. NewMus MusicNet -- a journal of new and experimental composition

  233. Nordic Journal of Music Therapy (Subscription info., Table of Contents, Past Articles)

  234. Northern Journey Online -- E-Journal of Canadian Folk Music and Folklore

  235. Notes -- The Journal of the Music Library Association (Journal Info., Table of Contents)

  236. Notitiae Cantus -- An International Newsletter for Gregorian Chant and other Repertoires of Western Chant


  237. Oasis Salsero! (Latin, Salsa, Latin Jazz, Plena, Bomba, Afro-Cuban, and more)

  238. Oideion: Performing Arts Online (Full text, Peer-reviewed, multimedia journal, 1997-- )

  239. The Online Clarinet Resource

  240. Online Musik Magazin (German musical events)

  241. Online Trombone Journal

  242. Opera Magazine (Journal Info., Selected Full Text)

  243. OperaNet

  244. Ostinato -- Newsletter of the Contemporary Music Documentation Center (CDMC)

  245. Paris Transatlantic Magazine: global coverage of avant-garde music & art

  246. Parterre box: the queer opera zine

  247. Perfect Beat -- The Pacific Journal of Research Into Contemporary Music and Popular Culture (Subscription Info., Selected Articles) ?

  248. Perfect Sound Forever -- online music magazine

  249. Performance Practice Encyclopedia -- an online publication and represents a continuation of the print journal Performance Practice Review, 1988-1997

  250. Performing Arts International (Journal Info.)

  251. Performing Arts Journal -- accessible through Project MUSE (by subscription)

  252. Performing Songwriter Magazine (Journal Info., Current Table of Content)

  253. Perspectives of New Music -- from University of Washington, (Seattle, WA) (Journal Info., Table of Contents)

  254. Piano Life Magazine -- magazine for piano teachers and students

  255. Pianola Journal (Published annually by the Pianola Institute. Provides a platform for scholars and experts to explore the instrument's major contribution to twentieth century music.) (Subscription info., Table of Contents)

  256. The Pitch -- The Alternative Kasas City Connection

  257. Polish Music Journal / Polish Music Reference Center at the University of Southern California

  258. Pollstar -- The Concert Hotwire

  259. POP-i Music Magazine ?

  260. Pro-Music-News (news from the music industry and professional recording and P.A. technology)

  261. Pro Sound News Online Weekly (The websource for the professional sound production industry. Contains news, events and information. An electronic companion to the trade magazine ProSound News).

  262. Producer Report (Newsletter info.)

  263. Professional Sound Magazine (Magazine Info., Table of Contents, Selected Full Text)

  264. Progression -- The Future of Music and Guitar ?


  265. RAD Cyberzine

  266. Record Collector: A Quarterly Journal of Recorded Vocal Art (Journal Info.)

  267. Recorder Magazine (information)

  268. Red Hot Country Magazine

  269. Reggae Review (Northern California's premier Caribbean monthly publication) (Subscription Information)

  270. Reggae Source

  271. RPM Online -- The Review of Popular Music

  272. Research Perspectives in Music Education -- journal of the the Florida Music Educators Association

  273. ReSoundings: A World Wide Web Journal -- an interactive hypermedia periodical in the humanities

  274. Revista de flauta de pico = Recorder Magazine -- Spain (in Spanish) (subscription information)

  275. Revista eletronica de musicologia = Electronic Musicological Review (dedicated to Brazilian music)

  276. Revista Musical de Venezuela

  277. Revue de Musicologie / Soci??fran?ise de musicologie

  278. Rivista Telematica di Educazione Musicale (Italy)

  279. Rhythm -- World Music and Global Culture (Subscription Info.)

  280. RimShot! Magazine: The Internet Resource for Drummers and Percussionists

  281. Rock & Pop

  282. Rock Around the World -- Newspaper from the 1970's

  283. Rock On the Net -- your guide to music news, information, bios, charts, and much more!

  284. ROCKRGRL Magazine

  285. RoJaRo

  286. RollingStone.com (USA) (selected articles)

  287. RootsWorld: -- the online magazine of world music, roots, folk

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  288. Scene Magazine Online (Magazine & Directory)

  289. School Band & Orchestra Magazine (Journal Info., Table of Contents, Selective Full Text)

  290. Schwann Publications (subscription information)

  291. Scores, catalogs, guides, MusicTex,...--ftp

  292. Seattle Violoncello Society Newsletter

  293. Senza Sordino -- Official Publication of the International Conference of Symphony and Opera Musicians (Full text from Vol 32, No 1 October 1993, Index available)

  294. Shoutweb.com

  295. SHOWmusic -- The Musical Theatre Magazine

  296. Sing Out! Magazine (country music info.)

  297. Society for Music Theory Newsletter

  298. SONANCES: the new music site (International Music Magazine)

  299. SongLink International Magazine -- The Premier Music Industry Resource for Music Publishers, Songwriters & Composers (Subscription Info.)

  300. Songwriters Musepaper from the National Academy of Songwriters

  301. Sound fX

  302. Soundout -- Dublin's online resource for independent musicians

  303. SoundtrackNet -- the art of film and television music

  304. South African Journal of Musicology (SAMUS)

  305. SPICMACAY Newsletter / Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music

  306. Spin Magazine

  307. State51 -- UK music web site

  308. Static Magazine: dedicated to the independent music community

  309. Stirrings -- the Folk & Acoustic Music Magazine

  310. STM Online / Swedish Musicological Society

  311. Strad Magazine (Journal Info.)

  312. Strings Magazine: All Things Strings (Journal Info., Selective Full Text, Table of Contents, since Vol 13 No 7 April 1999, also Strings Resource Guide On-Line)

  313. Strings Magazines: Selected full text article from Maestronet Megazone, Violinist, Violins and violinists, and World of strings


  314. TalentNews.Com: Investigative News Site for New Talent (from Harpland Music)

  315. Tango Reporter: The Magazine for Tango Lovers (Magazine info., links and more)

  316. Techno/Rave archives

  317. Theoria: Historical Aspects of Music Theory (Journal) (University of North Texas) ?

  318. Three Oranges Journal / the serge prokofiev association (Subscription info.)

  319. Transcultural Music Review

  320. 'Tutti Celli': The Internet Cello Society Newsletter

  321. Underscope Magazine

  322. Unit Circle Home Page

  323. Upbow -- Suzuki Violin Newsletter

  324. URB Magazine


  325. Veer

  326. VIBE

  327. VivaMusica! A Revista dos Cl?sicos (Brazil)

  328. Wah-Wah -- Magazine de la Cultura Rock

  329. Wall of Sound (news, cd reviews, charts, artists profiles, etc.)

  330. The Wall Music Home Page

  331. Washington Arts & Entertainment

  332. The Web Wide World of Music -- The Ultimate Band List

  333. West Gallery Music

  334. Wildpark

  335. Windplayer magazine (subscription information)

  336. Wire Magazine reviews index

  337. Where's the Music?: The Electronic Journal of Contemporary Music for Music and Audio Professionals

  338. Woodstock.com -- News and more

  339. Woodwind Quarterly: A journal for woodwind repair technicians, makers, and manufacturers. (Journal Info., Table of Contents)

  340. The World of Warp

  341. World Wide Arts Resources -- Arts and Culture Information Gateway

  342. Xenharmonik?: Journal of Experimental Music

  343. Yearbook for Traditional Music

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  344. Music Periodicals (from Sonances)

  345. New Jour -- Electronic Journals & Newsletters


  346. Chicago Tribune

  347. Los Angeles Times

  348. New York Times

  349. USA Today

  350. Washington Post