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Name of Book Author (s)
 101 Ways to Make Money Right Now in the Music Business  Baker ,  Bob
 6 steps to Songwriting Success: The Comprehensive Guide to Writing and Marketing Hit Songs  Blume ,  Jason
 88 Songwriting Wrongs and How to Right Them: Concrete Ways to Improve Your Songwriting and Make Your Songs More Marketable  Luboff ,  Pat and Pete Luboff
 A Jazz Education Primer  Nelson ,  Karen R
 A Musician's Guide To Increasing Performance Opportunities  Jenkins ,  Willard V Jr
 A Musician's Guide to Making a Recording  Nelson ,  Karen R
 All Area Access : Personal Management for Unsigned Musicians  Davison ,  Marc and D. Weinstein 
 All You Need To Know About The Music Business  Passman ,  Donald
 and Tad Lathrop This Business of Music Marketing and Promotion  Pettigrew ,  Jim Jr
 Anyone's Songwriting Guide to Copyright Protection and Song-pitching by Mail  Friddle ,  Sue
 Audio in Advertising: A Practical Guide to Producing and Recording Music Lockhart ,  Ron and D. Weissman
 Audio Programming for Interactive Games  Wilde ,  Martin
 Audio Recording for Profit: The Sound of Money  Stone ,  Chris
 Beginning Songwriter's Answer Book  Zollo ,  Paul
 Behind the Glass: Top Record Producers Tell How They Craft the Hits  Massey ,  Howard
 Book Your Own Tour  Garo ,  Liz
 Bootleg: The Secret History of the Other Recording Industry  Heylin ,  Clinton
 Career Opportunities in the Music Industry  Field ,  Shelly
 Choosing and Using Audio and Music Software  Collins ,  Mike
 Clive: Inside the Record Business  Davis ,  Clive with J. Willwerth
 Complete Music Industry Business and Law Reference  Livingston ,  Robert Allen
 Concert Tour Production Management: How to Take Your Show on the Road  Vasey ,  John
 Confessions of a Record Producer: How to Survive the Scams and Shams of the Music Business  Avalon ,  Moses
 Copyright  the Complete Guide for Music Educators  Althouse ,  Jay
 Copyright and Public Performance of Music  Rothenberg ,  Stanley
 Copyright and Song Protection  Moroniak ,  Steve
 Copyright's Highway: From Gutenberg to the Celestial Jukebox  Goldstein ,  Paul
 Copyrights: A Guide for The Music Industry  Fera ,  Rhonda and Vito Fera 
 Crank It Up: Live Sound Secrets of the Top Tour Engineers  Young ,  Clive
 Dawn Renee Jones and Paul Baker  Presenting Jazz Successfully Jenkins ,  Willard V Jr
 Discord: Conflict and the Making of Music  Lebrecht ,  Norman
 Entertainment 101: An Industry Primer  Claire ,  Rodger W
 Everything You’d Better Know About the Record Industry  Kashif , Venice
 Expensive Habits: The Dark Side of the the Music Industry  Garfield ,  Simon
 Exploding : The Highs Cornyn ,  Stan and Paul Scanlon
 Facing the Music: A Pantheon Guide to Popular Culture  Frith ,  Simon 
 Feedback: Echoes From My Life in Radio  Payne ,  Charles F
 For Musicians Only  Suzanne ,  Claudia and Thomas Stein and Michael Niehaus
 Getting Noticed: A Musician's Guide to Publicity and Self-Promotion  Gibson ,  James R
 Getting Radio Airplay  Hustwit ,  Gary
 Gigging: The Musician's Underground Touring Directory  Dorf ,  Michael Ethan and Robert Appel 
 Grow Your Band's Audience: Six Steps to Success for Independent Musicians  Taylor ,  Joe
 Guerilla Music Marketing Handbook  Baker ,  Bob
 Guide to Internet Promotion for Musicians Sweeney ,  Tim
 Guide to Releasing Independent Records  Sweeney ,  Tim and Mark Geller
 Guide to Succeeding at Music Conventions  Sweeney ,  Tim
 Handbook For Sound Engineers: The New Audio Cyclopedia  Ballou ,  Glen 
 Hell on Wheels: The Tour Stories Compilation  Jacobs ,  Greg
 Hit Men: Power Brokers And Fast Money Inside The Music Business  Dannen ,  Fredric
 How to Be a Working Musician: A Practical Guide to Earning Money in the Music Business  Levine ,  Mike
 How to Be Your Own Booking Agent and Save Thousands of Dollars: A Performing Artist's Guide to a Successful Touring Career  Goldstein ,  Jeri
 How to Get a Job in the Music and Recording Industry   Hatschek , Keith  Kristen Schilo and Susan Gedutis
 How To Get Started In Christian Music  Christian ,  Chris
 How To Have Your Hit Song Published  Warner ,  Jay
 How to Make a Living as a Musician So You Never Have to Have a Day Job Again!  Buttwinick ,  Marty
 How to Make and Sell Your Own Recording: The Complete Guide to Independent Recording  Rapaport ,  Diane Sward
 How to Make Money Scoring Soundtracks and Jingles  Fisher ,  Jeffrey P
 How to Make More in Music: A Freelance Guide  Gibson ,  James R
 How to Pitch and Promote Your Songs  Koller ,  Fred
 How to Promote Your Music Successfully on the Internet: The Musician’s Guide to Effective Music Promotion on the Internet  Nevue ,  David
 How to Protect Your Creative Work: All You Need to Know About Copyright  Weinstein ,  David A
 How To Run a Recording Session  De Santis ,  Jayce
 How You Can Make $30 Gibson ,  James R
 I Hate the Man Who Runs this Bar!  Chadbourne ,  Eugene
 In Tune with the Music Business  Taubman ,  Joseph
 Inside A&R: The Musicians Guide to Pursuing a Major Label Record Deal  Krongard ,  Ken and E. Sanchez
 Inside the Music Business: Creativity Fink ,  Michael
 Inside Tracks: A First-Hand History of Popular Music from the World's Greatest Record Producers and Engineers  Buskin ,  Richard
 KHJ: Inside Boss Radio  Jacobs ,  Ron
 Kohn on Music Licensing  Kohn ,  Al and Bob
 Label Launch: A Guide to Independent Record Recording Promotion and Distribution Kalmar ,  Veronika
 Legal Aspects of the Entertainment Industry  State Bar of Texas  (Professional Development)
 Legal Aspects of the Music Industry:An Insiders View  Schulenberg ,  Richard
 Live Sound Reinforcement  Stark ,  Scott Hunter
 Making a Living in Your Local Music Market: How to Survive and Prosper  Weissman ,  Dick
 Making It in the Music Business: A Business and Legal Guide for Songwriters and Performers  Wilson ,  Lee
 Making Money Dearing ,  James W
 Making Music in Looking Glass Land: A Guide to Business and Survival Skills for the Classical Performer  Highstein ,  Ellen
 Making the Ultimate Demo Robair ,  Gino
 Making The Ultimate Demo  Molenda ,  Michael
 Making Tracks; Atlantic Records and the Growth of a Multi-Billion-Dollar Industry  Gillett ,  Charlie
 Marketing Culture and the Arts  Colbert ,  François
 Marketing in the Music Industry  Taylor ,  Frederick J
 Modern Twang: An Alternative Country Music Guide & Directory  Goodman ,  David
 Moguls and Madmen: The Pursuit of Power in Popular Music  Farr ,  Jory
 Money For Nothing: Greed and Exploitation in the Music Industry  Garfield ,  Simon
 Moneymaking Music  Fisher ,  Jeffrey P
 More About This Business of Music  Shemel ,  Sidney and M  William Krasilovsky
 Music and Copyright  Frith ,  Simon 
 Music Business Made Simple: A Guide to Becoming a Recording Artist  Rudsenske ,  J S
 Music Business: Career Opportunities and Self-Defense  Weissman ,  Dick
 Music Copyright For The New Millennium  Moser ,  David J
 Music in the Market  Cusic ,  Don
 Music Industry Handbook And Career Guide  Baskerville ,  David
 Music Law: How to Run Your Band's Business  Stim ,  Richard
 Music Money  and Success: The Insider's Guide to the Music Industry  Brabec ,  Jeffrey and T. Brabec
 Music Producers: Conversations With Today's Top Hitmakers  Schultz ,  Barbara
 Music Publishing: A Songwriter's Guide  Poe ,  Randy
 Music Publishing: The Real Road to Music Business Success  Whitsett ,  Tim
 Musician’s Guide to Outrageous Success: Making and Selling CDs and Cassettes  Stanfield ,  Jana
 Networking in the Music Business  Kimpel ,  Dan
 Networking in the Music Industry  Clevo ,  Jim and Eric Olsen
 Off the Charts: Ruthless Days and Reckless Nights Inside the Music Industry  Haring ,  Bruce
 Playing For Pay: How To Be A Working Musician  Gibson ,  James R
 Pro Audio Reference  Bohn ,  Dennis A
 Project Studios: A More Professional Approach  Newell ,  Philip R
 Protecting Your Songs And Yourself: The Songwriter's Legal Guide  Klavens ,  Kent J
 Radio Stations Of America Fera ,  Rhonda and Vito Fera 
 Rage & Roll: Bill Graham and the Selling of Rock  Glatt ,  John
 Recording in the Digital World: Complete Guide to Studio Gear and Software  Rudolph ,  Thomas E  and Vincent A  Leonard Jr
 Releasing An Independent Record  Hustwit ,  Gary
 Rock 'n' Roll Is Here To Pay: The History And Politics Of The Music Industry  Chapple ,  Steve and R. Garofalo
 Rockonomics: The Money Behind The Music  Eliot ,  Marc
 Rough Mix: An Unapologetic Look at the Music Business and How It Got That Way: A Lifetime in the World of Rock Bowen ,  Jimmy and Jim Jerome
 Running Your Rock Band: Rehearsing, Financing, Touring, Succeeding Henderson ,  William McCranor
 Ruthless Self-Promotion in the Music Industry  Fisher ,  Jeffery P
 Secrets of Negotiating a Record Contract: The Musician's Guide to Understanding and Avoiding Sneaky Lawyer Tricks  Avalon ,  Moses
 Serge Denisoff ,  R
 Song Rights: Legal Aspects of Songwriting  Carter ,  Robert R Jr
 Songwriters Market 2003  Bessler ,  Ian 
 Songwriting and the Creative Process: Suggestions and Starting Points for Songwriters  Gillette ,  Steve
 Sound Advice: The Musician's Guide to the Record Industry  Wadhams ,  Wayne
 Sound and Recording: An Introduction  Rumsey ,  F. and T. McCormick
 Sound Effects: Youth Frith ,  Simon
 Sound for Picture: An Inside Look at Audio Production for Film and Television  Forlenza ,  Jeff and Terri Stone
 Sound Reinforcement Handbook  Davis ,  Gary
 Stage to Studio: Musicians and the Sound Revolution  1890-1950  Kraft ,  James P
 Standing Room Only: Strategies for Marketing the Performing Arts  Kotler ,  Philip and J. Scheff
 Stardom on a Shoestring  Lampman ,  Hugh and Bettye Pierce Zoller
 Start and Run Your Own Record Label  Schwartz ,  Daylle Deanna
 Succeeding in Music: A Business Handbook for Performers Stiernberg ,  John
 The Art of Record Production  Burgess ,  Richard James
 The Billboard Book of Music Publicity  Pettigrew ,  Jim Jr
 The Billboard Book of Songwriting  Pickow ,  P. and A. Appleby
 The Billboard Guide to Home Recording  Baragary ,  Ray
 The Broadway Musical: Collaboration in Commerce and Art  Rosenberg ,  B. and E. Harburg
 The Complete Guide to Internet Promotion for Artists Dawes ,  John with Tim Sweeney
 The Complete Guide to Making More Money in the Private Music Studio  Butler ,  Mimi
 The Complete Guide to Running a Private Music Studio  Butler ,  Mimi
 The Complete Handbook of Songwriting: An Insider's Guide to Making It in the Music Industry  Liggett ,  Mark and Cathy Liggett
 The Copyright Book: A Practical Guide  Strong ,  William S
 The Craft and Business of Songwriting  Braheny ,  John
 The Encyclopedia of Record Producers  Olsen ,  Eric
 The European Music Business: Markets and Players  Hardy ,  Phil and Dave Laing
 The Fat Man on Game Audio: Tasty Morsels of Sonic Goodness  Sanger ,  George Alistair
 The Indie Guide to Music Supervison For Films  Churchill ,  Sharal
 The Maestro Myth: Great Conductors in Pursuit of Power  Lebrecht ,  Norman
 The Mansion on the Hill: Dylan Goodman ,  Fred
 The Mixing Engineer's Handbook  Owsinski ,  Bobby
 The Music Address Book: How to Reach Anyone Who's Anyone in Music  Levine ,  Michael
 The Music Business  Naggar ,  David
 The Music Business--A Legal Perspective: Music and Live Performances  Muller ,  Peter
 The Musician’s Internet: On-Line Strategies for Success in the Music Industry  Spellman ,  Peter
 The Musician's Business and Legal Guide  Halloran ,  Mark 
 The National Directory of Independent Record Distributors  Fera ,  R. and V. Fera 
 The Performing Artist's Handbook  Papalos ,  Janice
 The Platinum Rainbow: How to Succeed in the Music Business Without Selling Your Soul  Monaco ,  B. and J. Riordan
 The Production Of Culture In The Music Industry: The ASCAP-BMI Controversy  Ryan ,  John
 The Real Deal: How to Get Signed to a Record Label Updated and Expanded Edition  Schwartz ,  Daylle Deanna
 The Rock Band Handbook: Everything You Need to Know to Get a Band Together and Take it on the Road  Lineberger ,  Kathryn
 The Self-Promoting Musician: Strategies for Success in the Music Industry  Spellman ,  Peter
 The Songwriter’s Market Guide to Song & Demo Submission Formats  Collingwood ,  Donna 
 The Songwriter's and Musician's Guide to Nashville  Bond ,  Sherry 
 The Songwriter's Companion: A Quick Reference to the Basic Terms and Concepts of Songcraft  Appleby ,  A. and P. Pickow
 The Soul of a Writer  Tucker ,  Susan
 The Sound of The City: The Rise Of Rock And Roll  Gillett ,  Charlie
 The Sound Studio  Nisbett ,  Alec
 The Studio Business Book  Mandell ,  Jim
 The Touring Musician: A Small-Business Approach to Booking Your Band on the Road  Galper ,  Hal
 The Ultimate Survival Guide to the New Music Industry: Handbook For Hell  Goldberg  ,  Justin
 They Fought the Law: Rock Music Goes to Court  Soocher ,  Stan
 This Business of Artist Management  Frascogna ,  Xavier M Jr and H  Lee Hetherington
 This Business of Music  Shemel ,  Sidney and M William Krasilovsky
 This Business of Music Marketing and Promotion  Lathrop ,  T. and J. Pettigrew
 Three Chords and the Truth: Hope and Heartbreak and the Changing Fortunes of Nashville  Leamer ,  Laurence
 Through The Jingle Jungle: The Art and Business of Making Music for Commercials  Karmen ,  Steve
 Unleash the Artist Within: Four Weeks to Transforming Your Creative Talents Into More Recognition Baker ,  Bob
 Voice Leading for Guitar: Moving Through the Changes  Thomas ,  John
 What They’ll Never Tell You About the Music Business: The Myths Thrall ,  Peter M
 What's Up Dawg?: How to Become a Superstar in the Music Business  Jackson ,  Randy and K C Baker
 Who Killed Classical Music? Maestros Lebrecht ,  Norman
 Wild Thing: The Backstage Copeland ,  Ian
 You Can Hype Anything  Pinskey ,  Raleigh
A Step-By-Step Guide Into The Recording Muench ,  Teri and S. Pomerantz
The Indie Bible  Wimble ,  David 
The Rock File: Making It in the Music Business  York ,  Norton