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Music Schools


USA Music Schools

  1. Alan Carruth
  2. American School of Lutherie
  3. Augusta Heritage Center
  4. Boston Chamber Ensemble
  5. California Summer String Institute
  6. Center For New Music & Audio Technologies/UC Berkeley
  7. Chicago School of Violin Making
  8. Chimneys Violin School
  9. Duquesne's School of Music
  10. Duquesne's School of Music
  11. Early Music Institute-Indiana University
  12. East Carolina University-School of Music
  13. Eastman School of Music
  14. Fred Carlson, Beyond the Trees
  15. The Juilliard School
  16. Institute for Music Research
  17. Indiana University School of Music Home Page
  18. Lamont School of Music
  19. Leeds Guitarmakers School
  20. MSU Vincent Voice Library
  21. Music Schools and Libraries
  22. Music Department Faculty: Audubon Quartet-VA
  23. CMU EDU - Music Pages
  24. Peabody Conservatory of Music
  25. The Princeton University Band
  26. Queen of the Holy Rosary College
  27. Rice University-Brown Fine Arts Library
  28. San Jose State University
  29. School of Music Student Organizations
  30. Teachlist.com - International database of music teachers
  31. University of Illinois School of Music
  32. University of Mississippi
  33. University of Missouri-Columbia
  34. University of OK-School of Music
  35. University of Oregon-School of Music
  36. UC San Diego-Music Library
  37. UC at Santa Barbara; Boethius Server
  38. University of South Dakota - America's Shrine to Music Museum
  39. University of Southern Maine Department of Music
  40. University of Southwestern Louisiana-School of Music
  41. University of Wisconsin-Madison-SCHOOL OF MUSIC
  42. Virginia Tech Music Department

Non-USA Music Schools

  1. Acadia School of Music, Canada
  2. Auckland-School of Music
  3. ART, MUSIC & PUBLISHING AT Oxford University
  4. BEAST-Birmingham Electro Acoustic Sound Theatre
  5. Canberra School of Music- Australia
  6. Chinese University of Hong Kong
  7. Copenhagen University Choir
  8. University of Copenhagen; Institute for Greek and Latin
  9. The Department of Musicology, The Yolanda and David Katz Faculty of the Arts, Tel-Aviv University, Israel
  10. Durham Music Department
  11. Goldsmiths College's Music Department-University of London
  12. Institute de Recherche
  14. Kingston University, Gateway School
  15. Lancaster University, UK, Music Department
  16. Lancaster University; CTI Music
  17. Leeds University Department of Music
  18. Merton College; Morden Park, London Rd, Morden, Surey, SM4 5 QX
  19. Musikwissenschaftliches Institut der Universit�t K�ln
  20. QCM-Queensland Conservatory of Music
  21. The Queen's University of Belfast; School of Music
  22. Royal Holloway, University of London
  23. Royal School of Church Music
  24. The Samuel Rubin Israel Academy of Music, The Yolanda and David Katz Faculty of the Arts, Tel-Aviv University, Israel
  25. School of Music-British Columbia
  26. School of Music and Humanities-UK
  27. Sibelius Academy
  28. Southampton-Departmental Directory- Music
  29. University of Cambridge, Faculty of Music
  30. University of Edinburgh Faculty of Music
  31. University of Glasgow; Department of Music
  32. University of Maribor
  33. University of New England-Australia
  34. Music Dept: University of Sheffield
  35. University of Waikato-School of Humanities - Music
  36. University of Wales-Bangor; Music Department
  37. University of Warwick Music Centre
  38. University of York: Music
  39. The Victoria Conservatory of Music