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Vanessa Randall

Vanessa Randall has a rating of 4.69 based on 17 vote(s).

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Average rating: 4.69
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Signed up: 10 Jul 2006 12:27 AM


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Vanessas journey starts as a little child walking up and down the streets of her neighborhood in Miami, FL singing the melodies of her favorite artists like Bon Jovi and Madonna. Trying to imitate them with her father being her first audience, she would sing to him the songs she wrote. She later on developed a gift of playing instruments as the piano and the harmonica became her favorite toys. It moved me to start up a band when I was about eight years old, but it didn't work out because no one on my block knew how to play any instruments. Vanessa says.

Vanessa wasnt shy to sing in front of her classmates as her 3rd grade teacher would encourage her. In middle school, she joined chorus but later Vanessa became the class clown and started changing the words to songs when the class started singing, I wanted to make the class laugh. she says. Needles to say, the teacher had her write lines and miss competitions for her antics. However, when Vanessa was serious and would sing, people would acknowledge she had a gift to sing, so she realized she needed to better her talent.
Committed Vanessa entered high school where she took a chorus class and was immediately moved to a higher level course because she could read music and sight-sing. She also was in the Vocal Ensemble for four years and competed in local, and state competitions with her choir and as a soloist where she was able to received the Most Outstanding Musician Award her senior year.

As her rebellion faded away and seriousness about life took a turn she wanted to do more in helping people. So her quest began and she was able to score being a part of a singing group for Sony Latin; however, helping people seem not to be the direction the group was going so she later left the group.

Wondering what direction to take, a friend told her of a try-out for Word Records and encouraged her to go. She auditioned but didnt get the part. She was leaving and went by the womens restroom and that is where she met a representative from JUST Records, Youll be amazed on what you find if you hang out by the womens restroom. he giggles. He told her of the mission of the company which was to help and heal people through the message of music. She later auditioned for Just Records. It was a perfect match. They loved her and signed her.

Now with her production team in place, this sterling artist has a debut masterpiece album called Take A Chance. This disc highlights heartfelt songs like Well Make It a duet with R&B group Unison, expressing the commitment a guy and a girl are making in accepting each other in marriage. This accompaniment brings to mind the bona fide soul hit The Closer I Get To You of Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway fame, which will be the song women will walk down the isle for years to come. This message of eternal bonding is something you just dont hear in music today. She even keeps your head bopping from side to side while she expresses how she feels on Happy: With a word that held me tight/ Got me through all those lonely nights/ And you wipe my face, now I can say Im happy. Also, Vanessa shows she has some hip-hop influence on the single-worthy track called Friend that lets you know you have a friend in your times of need.

This is an experience you dont want to miss, so let the captivating voice of Vanessa Randall lift you up.

JUST Records
11767 South Dixie Hwy.
Pinecrest, FL 33156-4438
fax: (305) 256-0467

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Album: Take A Chance

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