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The General.PNG I am an artist who loves to make music just for fun. I'm not looking for a record deal. Would be nice, but I never pursued it!

My music started out as a curiosity when I purchased a drum machine. Then I was hooked. I bought a keyboard, sequencer, monitors, mixer, and amp. mics, sampler, etc. Over the years I've improved. I don't know anything about music, but because of technology I can make it! Music is very subjective, especially if it belongs to you. When I listen to my older tracks, I can't believe how horrible it sounds, however, at the time I thought it was the jam!

Sometimes I wonder what I'll think about my music when I'm 60. I may think, "what the hell was I thinking?" That's why I will never get a tattoo!

Checkout my YouTube Channel at

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jamaican_meat.PNG    "Druppa's Commin @ U"  Druppa
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