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Signed up: 10 Nov 2009 04:22 PM

Members: Two

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Que's Biography

"Music is the breath of life and Performing is what keeps us living"

Rising out of Spanish Town Jamaica, Que started singing as a quartet at small concerts, in Churches, schools etc. Starting out with members Damarah Danni, Kalvin Tahal, Peter Edwards and Jerome Powell. The group entered the Rising Stars competition in 2005, made it to the top ten and was eliminated in the fifth position, leaving Christopher Martin to claim first place.
After the elimination out of the competition, the group was thankful for the exposure attained, and was able to build an island wide fan base. The group got a two year contract with Clyde Mckenzie and the Shocking Vibes family, and a number of shows were being booked, a few includes Pepsi Teen Splash, Mountain Dew Stunt Fest, Summer Sizzle, Dela Splash, just to name a few.
With the new experiences with a much larger crowd, and more intense recording sessions, Que began to lay their foundation in the music industry. They started to do a number of recordings for a host of producers and labels. Prendy from Shocking Vibes, Skatta Burrell, Fams House label, and Ervin Allah Lloyd from the veteran band Chalice and others. The first single was released in the Christmas season 2005 under the Shocking Vibes label entitled: "Que for Christmas." The song got some rotation on a variety of radio stations where it caught the ears of Entertainment Report's host Anthoney Miller and an interview for the TV program was shot and aired. Mr. Miller took the shots from the filming, did some editing, and put a video together that received some airplay on TV stations throughout the season. More recordings were being done and some were released, songs like "Gimmi a minute" produced by Pyrana, "Shake it," produced by Skatta Burrell, "Hot Love" and "More than Worthy" on the Shocking Vibes Label, etc. Like trees losing leaves, but still growing, so too was this period for Que. The Quartet lost members Jerome Powell and Peter Edwards due to personal reasons, but due to the unconditional love for music and the faith in each other and each other's talent from the beginning, Damarah and Kalvin pressed on with a set frame of mind on what they wanted to achieve, picked up the pieces right away and continued after their goals with much more experiences gained from the music business. The improved Que, although down to a duo managed to retain there unique but spectacular sound, and improved on their stage performance skills. They started to do even more recordings with much more production labels with the singles "Inseparable" on the House of Hits label and "Walk Away" on the S-LOCK entertainment label, (composed and produced by Que), and records pending to be released on different labels such as songs produced by the famous Steelie and Cleevie, Harmony House, Flava Squad and a host of many other labels and producers. The duo's eyes are on the prize ,leaving no room for mistakes or negative influences. The duo continues to do harmonies on a number of recordings, now even more musically inclined than before, with much more to write and sing about, Que decided to take on the industry full blast.
Kalvin Tahal, born on December the second and was raised in Spanish Town Jamaica, came into this world amongst musicians; his father was also a singer. Kalvin attended the St. Catherine High School and was a very active student in the performing arts, sports. He also sang in groups where he developed his huge affection for harmonies and their arrangement, Take 6 was his favorite group and still is. He played a major part in the arrangement of the songs for his school’s group, which led the school to win the gold at the JCDC national festivals. He enjoys doing everything that relates to music, he loves sports, chilling with friends and spending time with the ladies. His philosophy is if you put the almighty first, everything will come after.
Damarah Danni, born on the 26th of October 1985 in Spanish Town Jamaica, spends his time hanging out with his son Dymanie, he loves creating good music, playing his guitar, performing and doing everything there is to do with music, he enjoys reading and chilling with friends. He attended the St. Jago High school where he took part in the school's choir and also sang in a number of groups. His Philosophy is the heights of great men reach and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they while their companions slept were upward toiling through the night.

From four members to two, Que have been able to retain their name, their marvelous sound, and has obtained a lot of experiences over the years, they have gone over many obstacles and prepared pole vault over any to come.

"Breathing singing performing the song of life."

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All Night
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Everytime I close my eyes
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