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Signed up: 12 Aug 2006 08:21 PM

Members: 2

Sounds like: seanpaul, damien marley,beenieman ,rhianna

Influenced by: reggae dancehall soul


Biography of lynx Born Sheldon Dixon 1981. Jubilee hospital in Kingston St. Andrew Stony hill. To his mother of 19 years old Lynne Jennifer McGowan an father Desmond Dixon. Lynx is a dancehall/reggae artist with a touch of hip hop influence he has been studying music from the age of nine and has been working with the likes of Little lenny the 80,s dancehall star and other influential characters since then learning the business an making contacts with engineers and producers also producing reggae an dancehall music and some hip hop he is also working on a reggae compilation album that is being mixed at vendetta studios in Kingston. Lynx has been performing on various showcases but lynx has not yet caught that big bus to success that he deserved, but be assured he is the next dancehall star to watch out for exploding the underground and mainstream. His mother now lives in the UK and his father lives in Brooklyn New York. Lynx has 14 brothers an sisters (that is 9 brothers and 5 sisters and believe it or not he has not yet met all of them but is in the process of doing so. He has only recently gained contact with his father after his parents separated and has been flying to New York for the last year. While doing so he has realised why his great passion is music by seeing his fathers strong love for music by knowing about his fathers big sound system in Jamaica in the 70s (Cornerstone) one of his oldest brothers Jason or (seven seals) as he is known in Brooklyn has just finished an mastered a hip hop album and is looking for collaborations with his brother lynx. Watch out for a comeback combination with little lenny

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