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.: Da Common Cauze | AMERICA NORTH: USA:New York (NY) :.
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Da Common Cauze

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Signed up: 13 Sep 2006 10:51 PM

Members: K-otic aka Da Heart Of New York & Da Almighty JaCkaL

Sounds like: Pure Greatness

Influenced by: 2pac, Jay-z, Nas, Diplomats, Papoose, Saigon, Dj Screw, Ugk, Big L, Big Pun, C-murder.


Drive, Determination & Patience is what a person would need if they plan to enter the music industry & with nearly 4 yrs of Grinding Recording songs & Going thru the ups & downs in the streets K-otic & Da Almighty jackal have showed signs of all three traits. Da Fix, alongside The Heart Of New York brings forth Hard core street tales with a splash of party vibes and anthems something New York has been lacking since the “rise of the south.”

Back then we was just going to the studio having fun recording music not knowing the other side of the game & thankfully we know now" Says JaCkal. "When one our C.P.E. Snippet cd's fell into the hands of Gangsta we were happy but also we were also trying to down play it because of the fact that in this music industry nothing is promise" Adds K-otic The same week of hearing the cd,Gangsta invited them to the world famous Quad Studios for a audition of sorts. "When We got to quad we were amazed because in this same studio a lot of our idols recorded at" Says Jackal.

So nearly after 2 yrs of that audition you could say Da Cauze passed with flying colors. From performing in many open mic showcases clubs most notably Club Downtime & The Pyramid to Performing in bigger venues such as Club Spirit & The China Club Da Common Cauze have been working hard to make a name for themselves. The Contrast in their styles is what attracts the listeners " Its like compliment each other perfectly K-otic Could equally Rip a party a track & I Could Rip a hardcore track so basically we're so well rounded" Says Jackal. Hip Hop is gasping for air and Da Common Cauze will be the ones who blow breath in its lungs.

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The Last Shall Be First
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Livin it up
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I'mma Ryda
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Never pop nuffin
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Album: Hostile Takeoveer

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