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Gene Gardiner

Gene Gardiner has a rating of 4.6 based on 10 vote(s).

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Average rating: 4.6
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Signed up: 07 Oct 2006 09:51 AM

Members: 10/07/2006

Sounds like: Rick Nelson,Eddie Money&Mary Chapen Carenter's Band,Eagles

Influenced by: Rick Nelson,Linda Ronstat,Eagles,Lenard Skynard


Gene Gardiner first hit the Country Music charts in 1990 with his first try at writing Country Rock music with a song called Don't Wait Too Long. He was backed by his own label ENG at that time.
He was on the Indie Bullet Chart in Texas and also the Cash Box chart in Nashville Tenn. The song ran from may 12th 1990 to the end of July 1990. Hitting the Top Fourty on the Indie Bullet Chart with a 27 on that chart. And he hit 63 on the Cash Box chart in Nashville Tenn. For a first time it was a great entry into the music business. He was a member of the Country Music Association in Nashville Tenn and got alot of support from them Gary Bradshall Promotions and also Chuck Dixson Promotions.
At that time it was very hard to enter the music charts and do well, his promoters told him it would be hard and that Cashbox would be a battle field to score well in, but Gene Said lets do it I want to try and see where we will be able to go with this. Gene was noticed by MCA and some other record companies and was trying to get signed by MCA during the chart run and after but never got signed by them. Although the record labels were very impressed with his music talents Gene kept up with his music writing and today has alot to offer the listeners with more songs written by him that are being scheduled for recording sessions as we speak right now. Also one song that he has decided to do is a song From the Everly Brothers called Let it Be Me. We are making arrangements to get the License to run this song and produce it. Gene completely rearranged Let It Be Me with his own interpretation of how it should sound and it came out beautiful with those strong vocal harmonies in the hook of this song which by the way made it so famous when it was released by the Everly Brothers in the past. New Guitar parts have been added to enhance the main parts of this beautiful song to totally flavor the music with a very special sound, You will love this song when it is released, And Gene gives it that nice natural sound with alot of love in it.
ENG will be releasing more of Gene Gardiner's music during the next several months I am sure you will love what he does when you hear it, also the song Don't Wait Too Long is now on it's way to this web and will be here soon. This is the one he Hit the Top Fourty with in 1990.


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Where My Heart Lies
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