"-Z-o-e-'s- : !!The Big Saddo Soundtrack Remix!!"
( i n f o )
Yep, the name says it all my friends lol. This is one big mighty remix of all the saddo soundtracks you used to listen to (you know you love em really lol). It includes 10 songs that run for aprox 2 minutes each,which gives it a duration of 20 minutes! (I know, your thinking 'fucking ell 20 mins!' but trust it goes fast when you listen to it lol honest).
It includes sountracks from your favourite films and TV programmes such as Watership Down,Babe,Muppet treasure island,Puff the magic dragon,Neverending story,The good the bad and the ugly,Harry Potter,The last unicorn,Xena warrior princess and finally... Star Wars (in that exact order). To be honest you gotta admit they are pretty damn good, so I thought I'd update em and give them a funky arse beat, oh yes...this is the next club track right ere lol ;P (this took me a LOT of effort lol-no seriously) ...Enjoy!