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KC Jockey

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Signed up: 08 Aug 2007 12:39 AM


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Influenced by: Shinehead


KC Jockey ..Artiste/Actor on the verge
By T.Green/Dubmaster

KC Jockey is definitely an artiste on the verge. On the verge of making a big splash on the world music stage and beyond thus taking his career to another level. Especially if the carefully developed promotional strategy of his media savvy manager Tesah Linton goes according to plan.

KC was born in Jamaica where he grew up in a music environment surrounded by music and entertainment royalty such as Bob Andy, Marcia Griffiths, Bob Marley and Carl Bradshaw, who were all friends to his father Percival 'Teddy' George Waite who is a former coach of Santos soccer team. But he migrated at an early age to Brooklyn N.Y. in the U.S., where he developed his skills as an entertainer. In school he was no slouch, but his mind was always on music, which found him busy writing lyrics during class time.
His opportunity to showcase his dejaying skills came when he hung around New York sound systems such as Third World High Power, Stereo Pride, Star Tone, African Love and Mini Mart Hi Power, which gave him the opportunity to match skills with dance hall legends, Sassa Fras, General Trees, Louis Lepke, Toyan, Johnny Ringo, Mikey Jarrett, Screechy Don, James Bond, Shaggy, Sleepy Wonder and others. His role models and mentors during those early years was none other than the lyrical genius Shinehead and Gregory Nose who he sees as the pioneers for many of the musical styles that are so successful today.

KC has always spent a lot of personal financial resources to produce and promote his musical career. His label Sweet Sadie’s Productions is named after his mother who died some ten years ago. He credits his first recordings to New York producer Mr Wacky for whom he did 'Don’t Give Me No Crack', he also recorded the single ‘A Nuh Me Name Bompsie’ with Music Master (Witty) & Stereo Pride. Since then KC Jockey has performed with the best of the best from stages all over the USA performing alongside top rappers and dancehall artistes namely 50Cent, Jadakiss, Mary J. Blige, Beenie Man, Lil Kim, Juvenille, Spragga Benz, Baby Cham, Tanya Stephens just to name a few .

With recent developments in his career KC (Karl-Marx Fernandez Waite) Jockey, is ready to take his rightful place among the pop, reggae, and dancehall stars of today. His push to the top coincided with the chance meeting with shrewd artiste manager Tesah Linton, who had previously formed the group Voicemail. This meeting was a match made in heaven as finally KC found someone who really understood his goals, aspirations and philosophy as an artiste and most importantly understood his personality. Tesah on the other hand saw his potential as a superstar and knew exactly how to get him to that status. With the management team put together by Tesah, firmly in place, KC can now concentrate on his art which now includes his big move into acting. While he is working on his first official debut album and promotional videos, he has been playing roles in upcoming movies including a minor role in AMERICAN GANGSTER starring Denzel Washington along with Common and T.I., EGO starring Eve, he is also in I AM LEGEND with Will Smith. His acting abilities stems from his activities in school, which includes doing recitals and performances, his ability to act was noticed by casting agents who saw some of his videos. KC Jockey developing multimedia persona also includes previous television ad campaigns, and television appearances on Miami's Deco Drive on channel 7, Where My Ladies AT mini series which will run during August & September on BET.
KC's profile has also increased immensely since his collaboration with internet darling and R&B sensation Santalina on the video remix of her song SHAKE which has received thousands of hits on her My Space site. The SHAKE video is currently being featured on numerous websites as well as on COLORS TV in Europe in over 120 millions households.

In Jamaica, KC Jockey can be seen on a giant billboard along the Constant Spring Road main thoroughfare in the midst, of several all girl schools. It’s the first promotion of its kind in Jamaica, and the results have been great. Now people tons of people are going to his My Space page and discovering more about his talent and achievements.

KC is very fervent about his Jamaican roots, and announces that he is 100 percent Jamaican, which is a message to some detractors who are trying to brand him as a foreigner.

Meanwhile KC's team is remaining focused. According to Tesah, they are not trying to get him signed to a major record company because she sees it as being much more profitable to be independent, as you get a greater percentage of your album or CD sales. She also sees digital distribution of music as a very good sales tool, because even though the price is far less than a CD, with millions of people buying through digital download, it all ads up.

The key to the whole thing, she says is the promotion of the artiste. So far she has the international end covered. The challenge she says is Jamaica, where it was difficult to get airplay for KC on radio. KC’s Street Promotions Manager Boswell ‘Stampede’ Lammie and Tesah took his music to the streets was able to get the DJs to spin his music with outstanding results. Stampede is considered to be the top street promotions manager in Jamaica who was very instrumental few years ago to create the awareness of the artiste in the Jamaican dancehall earning KC the hit songs DIGGY DIGGY featuring Elephant Man, LOOK GOOD MACHINE and TIC TOC. KC is currently getting radio spins and his videos being played extensively on Jamaican TV, that hurdle was diminished.

KC’s has merged creative energies with Hip Hop Producer Stanley ‘Rellee’ Hayden and hit dancehall songwriter Patrick ‘Black Pearl’ Howell to produce the single PARTY SPIRIT which is creating waves in Jamaica, Japan, Europe and certain areas in the USA. The artiste is preparing himself for the release of this fifth video PARTY SPIRIT. The single was recently chosen as a sound track for the BET Mini-series WHERE MY LADIES AT along with his earlier hit TIC TOC.

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