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Rap / Hip Hop Battle #1



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I want to battle too!


Juni G


Name NA
Name of Song Wrote this for you
Age 24
E-mail junig2005@ earthlink.net
Years rapping 13
Ultimate goal

Make it out of iraq alive

Residence Murdaville, NC

Bio: Why does Rico gotta start something with me knowing damn
well that boy is weak?!!!




Name NA
Name of Song Insurgent Threat
Age 24
E-mail rico743 @excite.com
Years rapping 8
Ultimate goal To put it down for Naptown, IN
Residence Indianapolis, Indiana

Bio: I've been holdin' it down since I was 16. I was late in starting to rap unlike my cousins who've been rapping before me. One day I heard this beat off of C-BO's til my casket drop album and went off from there.....feel me hu

Three things I know about Fruity G

1. He looks like a depressed "The Rock" wit a O.J. Simpson chin
2. He raps like a cracked out Andre "3000" from Outkast
3. He dresses like Simon from "American Idol" wit a tight a** T-shirt

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