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    Korn To Receive ‘Icon Award’ At 2017 ‘Alternative Press Music Awards’, New Performers Announced
    Recipients of some of the top awards at this year’s ‘Alternative Press Music Awards‘ (aka ‘The Journeys Alternative Press Music Awards, Fueled By Monster Energy‘) have been announced in advance. Korn will take home the ‘Vanguard Award’, which ...June 21, 2017

    YouTube sensation NateWantsToBattle drops music video for “Heroes Never Die”—watch
    Alternative Press: What does the song "Heroes Never Die" mean to you, and is there a message you hope fans take away after listening? Sharp: This song was written with the sole purpose of getting the crowd excited. While a lot of the music on the album ...June 23, 2017

    Why 311 Are Alternative Rock’s Most Innovative Band
    eighty-four songs! To celebrate Mosaic and in honor of one of the hardest-working, inspirational most fun bands going, let’s see how 311’s impressive discography prior to their new album ranks up, and why it proves they are alternative rock’s most ...June 22, 2017

    Alternative island weekender is far from a regular music festival
    Lost Map's alternative island weekender is less of a fling and rather a full-blown love affair between the DIY label and the picturesque Isle of Eigg. Head honcho Johnny Lynch lives on the isle which is due to celebrate its community buyout's 20th anniversary.June 23, 2017

    Longtail Music Provides an Alternative to the On-Demand Algorithm
    Longtail Music, a new platform for promoting internet radio stations as an alternative to on-demand music services, has launched. Powered both by longstanding stalwarts of internet radio such as Radio Paradise and recent upstarts like Ersatz Radio, the ...June 18, 2017

    10 Genre-Bending Hip-Hop Covers from Your Fave Alternative Artists
    Still not convinced? Here are 10 Hip-Hop covers from your favorite Alternative artists that prove when a song is enjoyable, it transcends through artists and genre. 1. "No Diggity" - Chet Faker (Blackstreet feat. Dr. Dre and Queen Pen Cover) Nick Murphy ...June 23, 2017

    Alternative mixes - Part 1
    By "alternative mix" I don't mean a "remix" of your song ... Basically to simplify the life of the mastering engineer. In most contemporary music genres, the vocal track is at the core of the song. With all these different exports, the person in charge ...June 23, 2017

    After Alternative MBA, Indie Music Star Starts Organic Feminine Hygiene Care Brand
    Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook in his Harvard dorm room. Larry Page and Sergei Brin built Google in a rented garage. Tara Priya Chandra came up with the idea for her new business in a bathroom at the London School of Economics (LSE). Just months into LSE ...June 14, 2017

    120 Minutes Classic Alternative Cover Band
    120 Minutes, St. Louis Band playing Classic Alternative Songs featured on the MTV show.. The Cure / R.E.M. / The Pixies / U2 / Guided by Voices/ Pavement / NIrvana / Fugazi / Echo & the Bunnymen / Jane's Addiction etc.June 16, 2017

    Alternative Scriptures: Theosophy and the Esoteric Tradition
    I have been posting about the widespread knowledge of alternative gospels and scriptures that existed in Western culture over a century ago, roughly between 1870 and 1930. Whether we are looking at Gnostic and esoteric views of early Christianity ...June 22, 2017


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