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electronica music

    How electro and techno could help to revolutionise school music lessons
    For many British children, the music they grow up listening to with friends, family, parents and relatives is often not reflected in school music lessons. So while their teacher is trying to get them to listen to Mozart, Bach or Beethoven, back home in ...April 25, 2017

    Mother Cyborg's mission: Making dance music that heals
    By blending house, techno, electronica, dance and ambient trip-hop, Nucera wants to expand listeners' expectations of live music events and demonstrate that a dance floor offers opportunities to invigorate the soul and even elevate the consciousness.April 25, 2017

    Avant-Techno Wiz Actress Makes Shiny, Happy Music on "AZD"
    Darren Cunningham, the electronic artist better known as Actress, creates his sound in a studio overlooking a large portion of London. Working throughout the day, Cunningham sees how the light shining down on the city changes, how the landscape morphs into ...April 25, 2017

    Mella Dee “Warehouse Music 001”
    Ryan Aitchison a.k.a. Mella Dee creates a new label called Warehouse Music , the first release – produced by him – expresses the kind of stuff suggested by the label’s name: the three productions are totally into warehouse and rave techno.April 27, 2017

    Rezz Brings Her Weird, Alien, Industrial Bass Music to the City of Angels
    “I’ve always liked dark, creepy things... As soon as I started producing, immediately it was made apparent I couldn’t make happy music.” There’s a lot of buzz around your techno prowess, but you have a lot of heavy bass and syncopation ...April 27, 2017

    University Professor claims that Techno can help improve education
    In a recent report, Professor Pete Dale of Manchester Metropolitan University, proposed the idea that integrating techno into standard music programs can fundamentally change education.The exposé points to the fact that genre’s enjoyed by young adults ...April 26, 2017

    Melodic Techno Vol. 1
    "Melodic Techno Vol.1" is the latest Release of Engineering Samples. Inspired by the biggest names of 2017's melodic Techno Music like Tale of Us, Mind Against, Mano Le Tough and many more this Pack is a must have for every Techno Producer out there!April 23, 2017

    The Thirteen Best Country-Music Arena Shows of Summer 2017
    Summer is right around the bend, signaled in Denver by snowmelt and the opening of Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Colorado’s altar to outdoor music. While it’s the season of eclectic festivals and all-day electronica, fans of arena shows and country music are ...April 27, 2017

    Post-Punk meets Techno at 47’s Numerology
    Historically—Berlin’s thriving Techno scene evolved from Post-Punk origins ... “A new event concept which explores experimentations and diversity in electronic music.”April 27, 2017

    Label Spotlight: Static Music’s Reinvigoration of 4/4 and Tech House
    It transitions from flowing and increasing intensities into a heavily percussive techno groove. Words You Say is Oscar P’s debut release with Static Music. The Brooklyn-native fuses Afro-Latino and Deep House influences from NYC, Chicago and Detroit ...April 27, 2017


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