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    Judas Priest's Rob Halford Reveals Young Metal Bands He's a Fan Of
    Asked if there is "anything you'd like to see change about the scene," Halford replied: "I'd like to see a really great UK metal band come forward and start growing and dominating now. Britain is still the focus of such great music in the metal scene ...January 17, 2018

    'Lake of buried corpses': Chinese metal band digs out ancient poetry
    Powered by cacophonous guitars and drums, the black metal band Zuriaake dips into the tenebrous depths of ancient Chinese culture to produce a unique blend of east and west. Though the breed of occult darkness their music celebrates is unwelcome by ...January 17, 2018

    Meet the Vegan Black Metal Chef Behind the “Seitanic Spellbook”
    For the costumed cooking videos he began posting online in 2011, he does it all: cooking, filming, recording, mixing and mastering the music. Rather than talking to the audience, he sets each episode to a heavy metal soundtrack of his creation, with lyrics ...January 17, 2018

    Pittsburgh heavy-metal band Code Orange heads to the Grammys on Jan. 28
    I think the spirit of hard work and diligence and putting a lot of effort into the actual music was inspired by the older hardcore, metal, punk guys. That still drives us,” Goldman points out. Code Orange has stayed true to Pittsburgh — not moving to ...January 16, 2018

    Scene Report: 8 Great French Metal Bands
    What other French metal bands are out there that you enjoy? Make sure to include them in the comments with links to their music! We are looking for suggestions for the next Scene Report. Does your region have a great scene that people should know about?January 17, 2018

    Rob Halford: "Across the board, metal is in great shape"
    “I’d like to see a really great UK metal band come forward and start growing and dominating now. Britain is still the focus of such great music in the metal scene, and that’s a really great feeling. There’s a great opportunity now with all the ...January 17, 2018

    10 Best Metal Albums of 1988
    Apparently ‘80s music fans simply couldn’t get enough of heavy metal’s bombastic sound and presentation, transforming this once neglected, disrespected, underground musical genre into the most obvious reflection of a decade that celebrated excess in ...January 16, 2018

    Houston sounds: New music from Miears, Kam Franklin, John Allen Stephens, Paperwolf and more
    Jazz diva Tianna Hall is putting her sultry spin on the music of Whitesnake and Debbie Gibson. Giant Kitty is revving up punk anthems. Kam Franklin of The Suffers is covering nu metal favorites. Welcome to Houston music in 2018. We're just into the new ...January 17, 2018

    Check Out "Shogun" by Hyvmine, a New Band Featuring Prog-Metal Master Al Joseph
    It combines a barrage of thunderous double bass drums with prog metal guitar rhythms accompanied by Joseph's soulful voice and challenging solos. "This new music is not only about bringing the house down but about uplifting the soul,” Joseph says.January 17, 2018

    For Skillet's John Cooper, rock music 'made me feel good when I was down'
    For John Cooper, Christian isn't a type of music, it's a way of life. Yet as frontman and founder of the Christian rock/metal band Skillet, he's had to explore what that means and how his faith and his music seamlessly drive each other with such ...January 17, 2018


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