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    Megadeth’s David Ellefson: Metal Is Not the Devil’s Music
    David Ellefson recently gave a sermon at the Megadeth Bootcamp which was held in March on Dave Mustaine‘s private California estate. The Lutheran pastor has now opened up on his preparation of the sermon, which dealt with metal’s intertwined nature ...April 27, 2017

    Swedish power metal band Sabaton puts historical spin on albums
    “I think especially with our kind of music, heavy metal in general, you can find real emotions in the riffs, anything from pride, happiness, aggression, depression, hatred — it can be put all into that context. So, being able to reinforce those ...April 27, 2017

    Singapore death-thrash metal band Assault release music video
    Singapore death-thrash metal band Assault release music video. The album will be released on May 10th, and pre-orders are available on Bandcamp, where you’ll also find a t-shirt and a limited-edition slipcase CD in addition to the digital pre-order.April 26, 2017

    DECAPITATED Teases That New Music Is Coming
    Depending on how you feel about Decapitated's departure from its usually very technical sound in 2014 with Blood Mantra, it's time to get excited about a new album! The band posted to Instagram to tease that it's currently either working on a new album, or ...April 27, 2017

    No Control Radio celebrates 12 years of heavy metal, new life on HD
    “It was important to me to do something not just for the music that I love but to support the metal community that didn’t really have a voice,” he said. “Locals knew that every single Friday night that’s where they could find me, that’s a thing ...April 26, 2017

    Eva Can't Inks Record Deal With My Kingdom Music
    My Kingdom Music is pleased to announce the signing of Bologna-based metal band Eva Can't. The group's 4th album, titled "Gravatum," will be released on July 14th, 2017. Initially formed in 2009, Eva Can't (the name representing the real and innate limit ...April 27, 2017

    (We welcome Neill Jameson (Krieg) back to our site, who in this post recommends music by some of the more obscure U.S. black metal bands, mainly from the ’90s — some of whom have new releases in the works.) This past weekend was the Decibel Metal ...April 27, 2017

    Classical metal gets a twisted facelift
    Classical music and heavy metal have actually been intertwined since the latter’s inception. Geezer Butler, legendary bass player for foundational proto-metal band Black Sabbath, even connects the riff of “Black Sabbath” from their 1970 self-titled ...April 25, 2017

    William Tolley’s death metal band dedicates new music video to the fallen FDNY firefighter and drummer
    Fallen firefighter William Tolley’s heavy metal band Internal Bleeding released its latest single this weekend — and turned it into a tribute to their beloved drummer. “Rest in peace our brother William ‘Bill’ Tolley,” appears on the screen at ...April 22, 2017

    Russian Circles, Eagles of Death Metal and Mastodon Make Strange Bedfellows
    Turncrantz, who always hits hard and accurately, sealed his reputation as one of the most talented and unique drummers playing heavy music. Up next was the California-based Eagles of Death Metal. While it is not uncommon for the group to be joined by ...April 26, 2017


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