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    Mahogany Jones enjoys the sweet success of being a hip-hop aficionado
    Mahogany Jones has a unique calling. She’s the U.S. Cultural Ambassador for Hip Hop Music with the US Department of State American Music Abroad program, traveling the world representing American Music in 13 countries, so far. She and her band were chosen ...March 25, 2017

    Students explore hip-hop as ‘something you live’
    “Because hip-hop is a culture, not a style of music, the purpose of that culture when it came into being was to better the community,” says Duncan, a hip-hop veteran who is at home with two turntables and a microphone. “That’s what has become lost ...March 25, 2017

    Raekwon’s 10 Favorite Hip-Hop Albums of All Time
    That’s worth a salute. “When I came into the business, I didn’t have a big rap book,” says Rae. “One thing I knew was that this music business was a part of my life and it raised me, so I knew that the passion was always there. But I didn’t see ...March 24, 2017

    Watch Dave explain difference between grime and rap to Americans
    Basically, like you’d have drill music or trap music… grime has the tempo of 140 bpm ... He continued: “Grime MCs usually have radio sets where they rap and switch instrumentals, when the beat changes they have to catch the drops in.March 24, 2017

    Trey Songz wants an apology from Nicki Minaj for including him in rap feud
    Nicki responded to the shots by taking to Instagram to poke fun at the poor sales of Remy's new album, and she reposted a video clip of Beyonce naming her the "rap queen". She then hit Twitter to call out Trey for not properly dismissing the rumours of a ...March 25, 2017

    OU students aspire to enact social change through rap music
    A serendipitous dorm room assignment brought six OU freshmen together on Walker Center’s sixth floor, leading to the formation of rap group BackWood Academy. The group of friends creates rap songs out of the dormitories for fun and to help pass time, but ...March 22, 2017

    Kendrick Lamar is Russell Westbrook, Drake is Kevin Durant in Rap Beef
    ... which was considered the most important rap song of 2013 according to Shea Serrano’s The Rap Year Book. This is a debate that many sports and music fans have had for years. While Kendrick has seemingly claimed Westbrook and Drake has claimed KD ...March 24, 2017

    Life After Death: Biggie, Hip-Hop And The Makings Of A Classic
    Our only source of music information and purchasing at the time was the bootleg ... or Lebron used to have a hair line ― I still rap, but it’s not the same. However, that would be a different essay. This story is more important, because this story ...March 24, 2017

    Rap Is Having Another Pop Moment
    Like Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby” and Marky Mark And The Funky Bunch’s “Good Vibrations” — the only rap songs to previously top the Hot 100 — P.M. Dawn’s hit was melodic and approachable. It was, in a word, poppy. But P.M. Dawn didn’t ...March 22, 2017

    BuDouble Says He Taught Young Pappy How To Rap In ‘60 Minutes’ Music Video
    There has been talk of BuDouble jacking his young brother Pappy’s flow. Bu is here to dismiss those claims because he was the one who gave Pap his entire style. Bu opens up on this subject in “60 Minutes.” Watch this @a309vision-directed music video ...March 24, 2017


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